Medication Management

Prioritize safety and efficiency from the pharmacy to the patient

Our Solutions - Medication ManagementOur Alaris® infusion technologies, Pyxis® medication dispensing technologies and ADE surveillance system, Patient Event Advisor, can help you reduce costs, improve care coordination and streamline medication use. We can also integrate data from our devices to help with your efforts to protect medication types at all points of care.

Medication dispensing and pharmacy

Our dispensing and pharmacy solutions help you more quickly, easily and more reliably deliver medication.


Our infusion solutions protect all infusion types, including large-volume pump, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) and syringe.

ADE surveillance

Our adverse drug event (ADE) surveillance solutions provide proactive notifications of patient risk for medication therapy management.

Integrated analytics solutions

Our integrated analytics solutions help you easily identify good catches, undesired activity and sources of inefficiency.