OR Effectiveness

Streamline your operation

Our Solutions - OR EffectivenessThe surgical environment accounts for up to 50% of a hospital’s total operating budget,1 generates 42% of revenue2,3 and requires stringent compliance. In this high-cost, highly regulated environment, our operating room solutions help promote safe, efficient procedures in pre-procedural, sterile processing and case pick, intra-procedural and post-procedural areas.

Automated Supply Management

Our automated supply management and ORIS integration solutions help improve workflow and profitability.

Automated Instrument Tracking

With our automated instrument tracking, you can streamline sterile processing to ease workflow and improve turnaround.

Automated Medication Management

Automated medication management from CareFusion helps improve medication safety and reduce the risk of diversion.

Interventional Procedures

Our innovative technologies that support interventional medicine can help you improve patient care.

World-class Surgical Instrumentation

We offer high-quality, top-rated surgical instrumentation.


Our infusion solutions help protect all infusion types, including large volume pump, PCA and syringe.

Infection Prevention

Our preoperative skin preparation solutions help reduce microorganisms on the skin, which can cause infection.

Surgical Reporting Suite

Our surgical reporting suite helps meet NHSN surgical site reporting requirements, as mandated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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