CareFusion SmartWorks™ Platform

Make the smart decision to standardize and simplify systems and CareFusion healthcare data across the enterprise

The CareFusion SmartWorks™ platform delivers health information technology (HIT) integration, analytics and surveillance capabilities to help hospitals and health systems reduce complexity and drive standardization enterprise-wide.

CareFusion infusion, dispensing and ventilation technologies generate data to help improve critical decision making, workflow efficiency and cost containment. However, harnessing the power of health data to gain insights and streamline processes can be complex. The CareFusion SmartWorks platform provides a simple means to capture, consolidate and analyze information from CareFusion technologies across the health system while standardizing system management to drive continuous improvement.

The platform integrates CareFusion technologies with HIT systems, providing:

  • A common source of CareFusion data.
  • Near real-time reporting and decision-making analytics.
  • Common capabilities to help manage patient information, barcodes, user access and permissions, enterprise formulary and drug libraries.
  • Proactive trending and surveillance.

CareFusion Coordination Engine

The CareFusion Coordination Engine (CCE) integrates CareFusion products and HIT systems. By drawing on clinical and administrative expertise, it delivers intelligent solutions in a single facility or across an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN).

Integrated Analytics Solutions

Analytics services from CareFusion deliver meaningful information based on health data from our technologies to help support hospital performance initiatives.


Surveillance services from CareFusion facilitate monitoring of lab results and medication data, enabling clinicians to drive improvement in medication stewardship interventions and infection prevention programs.