Pyxis® technologies

Complex challenges. Efficient and cost–effective solutions.

Pyxis® technologies from CareFusion provide a platform of technologies and services that help improve medication safety and make the care process easier for clinicians. Our comprehensive approach to medication and supply management helps streamline workflow, improve financial performance and facilitate regulatory compliance throughout the hospital and IDN.

  • Pyxis RX solutions: With so many variables to balance, pharmacists rely on Pyxis technologies to help improve workflow efficiency, reduce costs and prevent medication errors at all points of care. From securing inventory, to efficient tracking of meds, to proper disposal—we deliver the solutions that help keep meds moving, clinicians focused and medication management safer.
  • Pyxis RN solutions: Nurses often encounter workflow interruptions that can lead to errors, inefficiencies and financial loss. Pyxis technologies automate processes to save time and help ensure nurses have the medications and supplies they need, when needed. And by centralizing clinical information, nurses gain easy access to data that supports decision making where it matters most, at the bedside.
  • Pyxis OR solutions: In the fast-paced OR, every minute counts—and delays can come at a cost. Pyxis Perioperative Solutions help clinicians save time and reduce manual error risk while providing hospitals a verifiable return on investment. By integrating our supply automation technologies with your ORIS, surgical supply information is incorporated directly into your patient’s records for improved data accuracy, charting efficiency and case costing.
  • Pyxis IT solutions: Reducing complexity and having immediate access to accurate information—it’s the foundation to providing optimal patient care. By providing an architecture that exchanges data between our Pyxis technologies, and pulls the data into a central repository that connects with the HIS, we are helping bridge the communication gap between medical devices and HIT systems to drive improvements in medication safety, workflow efficiency and your bottom line.

With the largest support team in the industry, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your investments and meeting your needs from pre- to post-implementation. With nearly 600 implementation professionals, 400 field service technicians, 200 technical support representatives and more than 70,000 remote support connections*, we have the experience to provide you the assistance you need, every step of the way.

Learn more about how Pyxis technologies can help your hospital or IDN by selecting an area of expertise: Pyxis Medication Management, Pyxis Perioperative Solutions, Pyxis Supply Management and CareFusion Integrated Analytics Solutions.

* Subject to change.