APS Pro System

Allows single concentration protocols, computer controlled nebulization, and integrates into MasterScreen™ and Vmax instruments - Spirometry, IOS, Rocc and Body Plethysmography.

IOS Impulse Spirometry

IOS allows you to determine the respiratory system impedance and reliably measures central and peripheral airways resistance in 30 seconds of quiet breathing.


SentryConnect from CareFusion integrates information from our diagnostic devices, linking your Pulmonary Function Labs, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Labs and Sleep Labs to your HIS through one unique gateway.

Vmax™ Autobox V62J and V62W System

The Vmax Autobox from CareFusion combines pressure-compensated-flow technology and spacious cabin design, resulting in more testing capabilities, less stressful patient environment, and faster test completion time.

Vmax Encore Metabolic Cart

Cardiopulmonary stress testing and indirect calorimetry testing in one metabolic cart. Use as standalone device or combine with a Vmax PFT system and save money.

Vmax Encore PFT System

The Vmax Encore system from CareFusion represents a suite of pulmonary function tests designed in a modular environment.