General Skin Cleanser

The StartClean Cleansing Program.

Cleansers only work if your patients use them.

That’s why the StartClean cleansing program uses an individual patient reminder system to help you and your patients improve preoperative bathing compliance.

Learn more about the StartClean reminder system by watching this short video.

It’s the next best care to being there.

Order The Kit
Each kit includes one bottle of 4% CHG, three single-use sponges and a patient education template.
Schedule The Reminder
Patients receive a text, email or voice mail reminding them to use their antiseptic cleanser prior to surgery.
Customize Patient Education
The additional reminder should help patients adhere to your bathing instructions prior to surgery.*

For more information, contact your CareFusion representative.

*Sending text messages to parents significantly increased the rate of seasonal child flu vaccinations compared with a single telephone reminder (43.6%, P<0.001 compared with 39.9% P<0.001).1


The AORN Seal of Recognition was awarded to the StartClean cleansing program on July 11, 2013, and does not imply that AORN approves or endorses any product or service mentioned in any presentation, format or content. The AORN Recognition program is separate from the AORN, ANCC Accredited Provider Unit and therefore does not include any CE credit for programs.


  1. 1 Stockwell MS, et al "Effect of a text messaging intervention on influenza vaccination in an urban, low-income pediatric and adolescent population: A randomized controlled trial" JAMA 2012; 307: 1702-1708. Available at Accessed June 14, 2012.