Skin Preparation

ChloraPrep® Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation Product Line

The 2% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol formulation provides rapid-acting and persistent antiseptic activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.1

ChloraPrep applicators promote gentle friction scrub to help the solution penetrate the first five layers of the stratum corneum, where 80% of microorganisms reside.2 The patented ChloraPrep applicator promotes aseptic technique and reduces the risk of direct hand-to-patient contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.3

See our updated labels for 3mL, Frepp, Sepp and Swab Sticks to safely use our products that reduce drying time. The label change does not affect the 10.5 and 26 mL applicators.

ChloraPrep Sepp® 0.67 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® Sepp® 0.67 mL Applicator

Sepp® catalog number: 260449
ChloraPrep Frepp® 1.5 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® Brand Frepp® 1.5 mL Applicator

Frepp® catalog number: 260299
ChloraPrep Swabstick 1.75 mL (Single) Applicator and 5.25 mL (Triple) Applicator

ChloraPrep® Swabstick

Swabstick catalog numbers:
1.75 mL (Single): 260100
5.25 mL (Triple): 260103
ChloraPrep 3 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 3 mL Applicator

3 mL catalog numbers:
Hi-Lite Orange® Tint: 260415
Clear: 260400
ChloraPrep 10.5 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 10.5mL Applicator

10.5 mL catalog numbers:
Hi-Lite Orange® Scrub Teal Tint: 260725
Clear: 260700
ChloraPrep 26 mL Applicator

ChloraPrep® 26mL Applicator

26 mL catalog number:
Hi-Lite Orange® Tint Scrub Teal Clear: 260800

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