Prevail® Solution

The one-step solution

Prevail® solution is a fast-acting, effective antimicrobial gel that makes preoperative prep easier. This unique gel comes in a specifically designed, easy-to-use applicator for excellent flow control. Together, the Prevail gel and applicator provide you with the one-step time-saving choice for preop prepping.

Prevail Preop Prep Antimicrobial Gel

  • Fast-acting, iodine-alcohol formulation
  • Effective bacteria kill
  • Time-saving, one-step application
  • Easy post-op removal without additional solutions

Prevail Gel Delivery System

  • Comfortable ergonomic applicator design
  • Superb flow control for easy application
  • Ample volume for most surgical procedures (2 oz/59 ml)
  • Easy, quick and safe activation

  1. Hold bottle in an upright position.
  2. Twist applicator head in direction of arrow until red indication is visible in window.
  3. Firmly push applicator head down into bottle until a snap is heard.
Solution is flammable until dry. Keep away from fire or flame.

Quantity: 50/case

Contents of Each Box:
  • 1 Applicator with Urethane Sponge with 2 oz. (59 mL) Prevail antimicrobial gel
  • 2 Cotton-tipped Swabs
  • 1 Blotting Towel

Product is sterile.
ChloraPrep® — 26 mL