Using ChloraPrep®

Knowledgeably use ChloraPrep® surgical skin preparation solutions before surgery

These labels, warnings and material safety data sheets (MSDS) offer important information on our ChloraPrep products for the surgical preparation of skin.

Download the labels for our ChloraPrep applicators:

ChloraPrep Frepp® applicator

ChloraPrep clear applicators

ChloraPrep Hi-Lite Orange® tint

ChloraPrep Scrub Teal® tint

ChloraPrep Sepp® applicator

ChloraPrep swabstick


Do not use ChloraPrep skin antiseptic:

  • On newborns less than 2 months of age, as it could irritate skin or cause unsafe drug absorption
  • On patients with known allergies to chlorhexidine gluconate or isopropyl alcohol
  • For lumbar puncture or on meninges
  • On open skin wounds or as a general skin cleanser
  • In or around the eyes, ears and mouth, as it could remain, causing serious or permanent injury

Product warnings

When using the solution:

  • Let it completely dry for a minimum of three minutes on hairless skin and up to an hour on hair before exposure to draping or an ignition source such as cautery or a laser, as it contains alcohol and emits flammable vapors
  • Do not let it pool
  • Remove soaked materials, drapes and gowns
  • When prepping the neck area, place towels under each side to absorb excess solution and then remove them


Download the MSDS for our ChloraPrep applicators.