CareFusion Surgical Clippers

Help improve efficiency and reduce costs with new intuitive design

The new CareFusion Surgical Clippers were developed based on actual customer input to improve our previous model and improve hair removal. These professional hair clippers quickly remove hair in a single pass and reduce the risk of compromising skin compared to traditional razors, while using reliable ergonomics, durable materials and energy-efficient technology.

Our clippers use three different, interchangeable single-use blades that provide the right blade for various types of procedures.

Product Highlights

Intuitive ergonomicsIntuitive ergonomics
The 40° ergonomic handle helps promote seamless hair removal, and the updated button technology simplifies use while easing cleaning.

Durable materialsDurable materials
The durable external material allows commonly used disinfectants, and the new extended two-year warranty ensures device longevity.

Energy-efficient technologyEnergy-efficient technology
Our clippers use lithium-ion battery technology that lengthens runtime and improves efficiency.

Clipper blade safetyClipper blade safety
The general use blade removes the most hair, Neuro blade cuts the thickest hair and SensiClip® blade avoids compromising sensitive or loose skin, at a .23, .45 and .23 cut height, respectively.