Triseptin® water-aided surgical hand scrub

Just add water for proper hand hygiene

Triseptin® water-aided surgical hand scrub is an alcohol-based antiseptic that works with water to remove microorganisms on skin. Used with a brush or water alone, it conditions the skin while providing antimicrobial action for optimal hand hygiene.

Rapid-acting antiseptic activity

The hand antiseptic provides rapid activity against hand flora more effectively than 4% CHG or 7.5% iodine solutions.

Time savings

The hand antiseptic shortens scrub time to three minutes, saving you time throughout the day.

Packaging convenience

Triseptin scrub comes in a 32 oz dispenser or as a 4 oz hand and body antiseptic.

FDA compliance

The patented formulation meets FDA hand hygiene testing requirements for surgical hand scrubs.

Triseptin water-aided surgical hand scrub

Cat. no.ProductQty.
0064-1030-32Triseptin 32 oz6/cs.
0064-1050-04Triseptin hand and body 4 oz12/cs.
109227Triseptin water-aided wall dispenser with foot pump1
0064-1030-36Triseptin water-aided foot pump bulb replacement1