Triseptin® Water-Aided Surgical Hand Scrub

Triseptin® water-aided surgical hand scrub is an alcohol-based antiseptic that works with water to remove microorganisms on skin. Triseptin hand scrub can be used with a brush or water alone, providing skin-conditioning benefits and antimicrobial action. Triseptin is an ideal complement to Surgicept® waterless surgical hand scrub when a water-aided scrub is needed.

Triseptin hand and body antiseptic can be used twice before surgery per label instructions to significantly reduce microorganisms on the skin.

Unique formula is proven to meet FDA surgical hand scrub testing requirements

  • Provides rapid activity against hand flora more effectively than traditional 4% CHG or 7.5% Iodine scrub solutions
  • Formulated with emollients to counter the drying effects of alcohol
  • Triseptin has a short three minute scrub time which saves time
  • Available in a 32oz dispenser or as a 4oz hand and body antiseptic
Product SKU Description Package
0064-1030-32 Triseptin 32oz 6/case
0064-1050-04 Triseptin Hand & Body 4oz 12/case
109227 Triseptin Water Aided Wall Dispenser with Foot Pump 1
0064-1030-36 Triseptin Water Aided Foot Pump Bulb Replacement 1