Antimicrobial Stewardship

Integrate your stewardship program

MedMined® Surveillance Advisor integrates your antimicrobial stewardship program through stewardship alerts, reports, training and consulting services. With retrospective reporting and customer support, you can show your hospital administrative team and other clinicians the value of your program. MedMined Surveillance Advisor helps you expand and foster an integrated antimicrobial stewardship program for infection preventionists, pharmacists and physicians.

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  • Evidence-based and customized stewardship alerts
  • Automated resistance analysis
  • Infection Marker
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Customized Antibiograms (by source, unit and time period)
  • Stewardship training
  • Stewardship consulting services


Improved stewardship
MedMined Surveillance Advisor helps optimize stewardship efforts hospital-wide.

Enhanced patient care
MedMined Surveillance Advisor highlights facility patients requiring attention.

Improved reporting and analysis
MedMined Surveillance Advisor enables reporting and analyzing antimicrobial usage and multi-drug resistant organisms.

Clinician education
MedMined Surveillance Advisor helps educate clinicians in antimicrobial stewardship.