Infection prevention performance data

MedMined® Benchmarking provides objective, risk-adjusted infection prevention performance data at the hospital and unit level. This tool compares the HAI results of your facility or patient care unit at the local, regional, national or health-system level.

Benchmarking incorporates patient, unit and hospital-specific factors to account for the risk of patients acquiring healthcare-associated infections (HAI), using the peer-reviewed MedMined® Nosocomial Infection Marker as an objective proxy for HAIs. This proven approach results in a fair evaluation of your facility's effort to prevent infections.

Benchmarking data lets you focus on performance improvement initiatives to identify units requiring additional resources for improvement efforts. This service also helps you isolate units needing intervention, and those worthy of recognition for successful best-practice implementation. The combination of patient-centric risk-adjustment and an objective measure of the NIM enables clinicians and administrators to identify and address opportunities for positive reinforcement and strategic improvement.

  • Clinical experts assigned to each facility for consultation and training
  • Risk adjusted on hospital and patient-specific factors
  • Identify the best performing units across your hospital, system, state, or region to promulgate best practices

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