Nosocomial Infection Marker

Objective case-finding for healthcare-associated infections

The automated, peer-reviewed Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM) from CareFusion makes infection surveillance more efficient for public reporting and process improvement efforts by pre-screening likely cases of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Serving as an objective case-finding tool for quality improvement, the NIM identifies HAIs to help your hospital prevent and manage their occurrence.

The NIM saves your Infection Prevention team significant time by reducing the burden of data collection and aggregation to generate user-defined reports, freeing you to focus on opportunities to reduce HAIs. This empowers your team to provide consistent, timely feedback to patient care staff for reinforcement of best practices, measurably improving patient safety.

To quantify the clinical and financial impact of your HAI reduction efforts , the NIM supports facility-specific findings of the cost, loss and additional length of stay associated with HAIs through a DRG-adjusted outcomes analysis, helping you drive patient care process improvement.

  • Frees the clinician to focus on opportunities to reduce HAIs by helping to reduce the burden of data collection and aggregation
  • Objective analysis of infection rate change over time, for more efficient tracking of the effectiveness of infection prevention efforts
  • Clinical experts assigned to each facility for consultation and training
  • Peer-reviewed sensitivity (86%) and specificity (98%) of NIM1
  • Streamlines infection surveillance making you more efficient

  1. Brossette, et al. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 2006; 125:34-39. Reflects individual facility data. Your hospital may or may not achieve similar outcomes [results].