Reduce Costs

The CDC estimates the cost to US hospitals of HAIs to be $35-$45 billion annually, with an average additional DRG-adjusted direct cost of $9,347 per patient1.

To help measure the impact of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in your facility, MedMined® services provide an annual DRG-adjusted financial analysis to project cost savings, length of stay avoided and bottom line impact. This analysis objectively helps you determine infection prevention intervention efforts, set future goals and improve your outcomes.

How Do I?

Protect my patients from dangerous & costly medication errors?

Determine the clinical impact of HAIs in my hospital to improve quality?

Manage reporting requirements from government mandates?

Compare my hospital's HAI results with others on a local, system & national level?

1. Reference: Adams M., Bates D., Cottman G., Everett W. Saving Lives, Saving Money: The Imperative for Computerized Physician Order Entry in Massachusetts Hospitals. Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and New England Healthcare Institute, 2008.