Medication Stewardship Surveillance

Safety surveillance to help identify patients at the highest risk for adverse drug events

MedMined® Surveillance Advisor monitors hospital inpatient information for potential adverse clinical events to medications. The tool assists clinical pharmacists in identifying patients at risk for adverse clinical events, and tracks their therapy for changing needs. With extensive classes of both standardized alerts and customizable queries, MedMined® Surveillance Advisor helps you stay one step ahead.

MedMined® Surveillance Advisor also supports your hospital performance initiatives with quality metrics reporting and workflow documentation for clinical interventions.

With the actionable intelligence from MedMined® Surveillance Advisor, you have the information and the insight to help enhance practice and optimize patient care.

  • Customizable alerting tools for antimicrobial, electrolyte and drug therapy monitoring
  • Data-based recommendations for clinical process improvement efforts and clinical workflow management
  • Comprehensive documentation tools for reporting, intra-pharmacy communication and financial outcomes analysis
  • Clinical experts assigned to each facility for consultation and training