Alaris® System

The power of one modular, multi-modality safety system

The Alaris® System is the most comprehensive IV medication safety system on the market—and the only smart integrated system that allows you to protect every infusion and every patient, every time.

Hospitals have traditionally turned to different infusion pumps from a variety of manufacturers in an effort to protect infusions across care areas. This practice may lead to unnecessary exposure that can negatively impact patient safety, outcomes and clinical workflow. The Alaris System from CareFusion can help.

Built on a modular platform, the Alaris System with Guardrails® Suite MX safety software gives you safety beyond just dose error reduction. It is the only smart pump that can protect every infusion, including intermittents, such as antibiotics and chemotherapy, and all infusion modalities, including large volume pump, PCA and syringe.

The Alaris System is the only smart IV system on the market that can achieve the goal of standardization for every caregiver who uses it.

  • One system to drive IV standardization, decreasing variance in IV therapy practice and promoting the best care across your hospital.
  • One system for clinicians to be trained on and use daily
  • One data set library for pharmacy to develop and manage
  • One CQI database and software for quality improvement initiatives and system-wide risk and safety management processes
  • One source for all IV sets and accessories
  • One wireless communication card and interface for your IT engineers to manage
  • One set of parts for training biomed engineers