CareFusion and Cerner Infusion Interoperability

Optimize infusion delivery with interoperability

Alaris® Connectivity Services for electronic medical record (EMR) interoperability pre-populates infusion parameters from the EMR to Alaris Pump and Syringe modules using Cerner's Point of Care Medication Administration solutions. Infusion status is sent from the Alaris System to the Cerner Millennium® EMR to enable Cerner's CareAware® Infusion Management™ documentation solutions and near real-time surveillance through nursing and pharmacy dashboards. Through Cerner's CareAware Smart Pump Programming™ and CareAware Infusion Management solutions, Alaris Connectivity Services for EMR interoperability with Cerner can help reduce manual programming steps and provide infusion status for documentation to the EMR.

Product Highlights

Reduced medication errors
By populating BCMA-verified infusion parameters from the EMR to Alaris Pump and Syringe modules, Alaris Connectivity Services with Cerner may help hospitals reduce medication errors.

Simplified documentation
Alaris system interoperability with Cerner enables the transfer of infusion status data for clinical documentation to simplify verification and sign-off. With timely infusion documentation, you can support overall hospital safety, efficiency and quality.

Infusion management
Periodic and event-based infusion status messages delivered by Alaris System to Cerner enables remote viewing of running infusions for timely dispensing and infusion management information.