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IV Therapy

When it comes to IV safety, you want reliable products that can help protect you, your clinicians and patients from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Our extensive portfolio of IV sets and accessories help protect you from the costs and harm caused by HAI's.

Clinically proven connector technology
Our MaxGuard® portfolio of MaxPlus®, MaxGuard® and MaxZero® needleless IV connectors protect access points closest to the patient.

Proven PIV catheter technology
The SurFlash® peripheral IV catheters are shown to reduce needlestick injuries and improve first stick success.

Broad portfolio to meet every clinical need
Our award-winning SmartSite® needle-free valve helps enhance clinician and patient safety by helping to prevent needle-stick injuries. Our technology helps standardize Y-site access for administration, gravity, secondary and extension sets to help reinforce best aseptic and other practices.

The SmartSite needle-free valve also partners with the Texium® closed male luer to form a safe, closed system for handling hazardous medications to further protect you from exposure to hazardous medications.

Hazardous Drug Protection
The CareFusion Chemo Safety System is an end-to-end closed system solution that helps protect healthcare personnel and patients from hazardous drugs.