Alaris® Pump module and Gemini® administration sets

The Alaris® Pump Module and the Gemini infusion system IV sets from CareFusion are designed for use with the Alaris Pump Module Model 8100 and the Gemini models PC-1, PC-2, PC-2TX and PC-4. All sets are latex free and feature the integrated safety clamp mechanism to help prevent accidental free flow. IV set configurations can encompass SmartSite® needle-free valve ports or VersaSafe™ split septum injection ports integrated above or below the pumping segment. A wide variety of filtered IV sets are available including 0.2 micron, 1.2 micron, and 15 micron and blood filters.

The Alaris® Pump Module and the Gemini infusion system IV sets are available for a diverse set of applications intended for adult, pediatric and neonatal care, helping hospitals of all sizes reach their clinical needs.

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  • Safety clamp mechanism prevents accidental free flow.
  • Needle-free compliance, because the SmartSite® needle-free valve is activated with a standard male luer, the use of needles is eliminated.
  • Low-sorbing configurations compatible with chemotherapy, TPN and Nitroglycerin (NTG).
  • DEHP-free fluid path offering suitable for neonates, pediatrics and adults.
  • Latex free.