Alaris® Pump module and Gemini® administration sets

Diversify your IV applications

Our Alaris® Pump module and Gemini® administration sets support diverse IV applications with the Alaris Pump module 8100 and Gemini PC-1, PC-2, PC-2TX and PC-4 pumps. Configurations can integrate SmartSite® needle-free valve or VersaSafe™ split septum injection ports above or below the pump segment.

Safety features

The sets feature a safety clamp that helps prevent accidental free flow.

Low-sorbing configurations

The low-sorbing configurations are compatible with chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition and nitroglycerin.

DEHP-free fluid path

The DEHP-free fluid path supports neonates, pediatrics and adults.

Latex-free manufacturing

Our latex-free design helps protect patients from reactions to latex.

Diverse IV portfolio

Our filtered IV sets come in 0.2, 1.2 and 15 micron sizes, and in blood filters.