MaxPlus® clear needleless connector

See the plus side of positive displacement

The MaxPlus® clear needleless connector features our patented positive displacement technology, which provides a fluid bolus to clear the catheter tip upon disconnection. This technology helps reduce the risk of occlusions due to reflux.

Proven three-second disinfection

A solid, sealed surface enhances workflow while helping prevent bacteria from entering the line.

Nowhere for bacteria to hide

The fluid-filled design eliminates air space that can trap bacteria, which cannot be flushed or disinfected.

Clear fluid path

The visible fluid path and high-flow, straight-fluid channels enhance flushing.

Safety through simplicity

The connector is one component vs. multiple moving parts that can hide contaminants and prevent complete flushing.

Reduced occlusion risk

A bolus of fluid clears the catheter tip at disconnection, reducing risk of occlusions from reflux.

Saline flushing

The device lets you use a saline flush and lock rather than heparin that can cause risks.

Device standardization

The device supports standardizing connectors on both central and peripheral lines.