AVAmax® Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system

Maximize clinical value with a minimally invasive approach

The AVAmax® Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system features a wide array of tools to help you treat even the most challenging vertebral compression fractures. The system features the unique AVAflex® vertebral balloon and other products that offer customized treatment options for each patient's needs.

AVAmax® PLUS Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system

This kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty system innovatively optimizes workflow and advances bone cement preparation, injection and placement.

AVAflex® vertebral balloon system

The AVAflex vertebral balloon system uses a unipedicular, lateral approach to target balloon placement across the midline of the vertebral body.

AVAmax® vertebral balloon

Our AVAmax vertebral balloon is a small yet effective minimally invasive balloon for vertebral body augmentation.

AVAflex® curved vertebral augmentation needle

This unique curved needle provides maneuverability and flexibility unmatched by traditional straight cannulas for vertebral augmentation.

AVAtex® radiopaque bone cement

Our exclusive bone cement is engineered for excellent radiopacity and long working time during vertebral augmentation procedures.

AVAmax® handle/stylet kits

The AVAmax system offers three types of traditional access for vertebroplasty: trocar-tip, bevel-tip and match-ground bevel.

AVAmax® coaxial bone and vertebral body biopsy needle

This needle uses a Franseen-type, triple-crown tip that helps enable full core retention.

AVAprep® patient prep kit

This kit contains components needed to prepare a patient for a vertebral augmentation procedure.