AVAmax® Advanced Vertebral Augmentation System

Choose innovation and flexibility

Like patients, no two vertebral compression fractures (VCFs)—or compression fractures of the spine—are the same—often requiring different treatment approaches. That is why CareFusion continues to expand your choices for performing vertebral augmentation with the AVAmax® Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system.

The AVAmax system includes the most minimally invasive vertebral balloon available today (the 11G balloon fits through a cannula 17% smaller than a 10G cannula) and the unique AVAflex® curved vertebral augmentation needle. These innovative products allow you to successfully treat VCFs that you may not have treated in the past.

Choose the AVAmax Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system for the right approach at the point of care.


This advanced system for kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty optimizes workflow and brings true innovation to bone cement preparation, injection and controlled cement placement.

AVAflex® Vertebral Balloon System

The AVAflex vertebral balloon system uses a unipedicular, lateral approach to target balloon placement across the midline of the vertebral body.

AVAmax® Radiopaque Bone Cement

Our exclusive bone cement is engineered for excellent radiopacity and long working time.

AVAmax® Vertebral Balloon

Our balloon access kits and inflation syringes are packaged single-sterile and offered in 8, 10 and 11G sizes, giving you choice and flexibility for your kyphoplasty procedures.

AVAflex® Curved Vertebral Augmentation Needle

This unique curved needle gives you maneuverability and flexibility unmatched by traditional straight cannulas.

AVAmax® Handle/Stylet Kits

The AVAmax® system offers three types of traditional access for vertebroplasty: standard, bevel-tip and match-ground bevel.

AVAprep® Patient Prep Kit

This kit contains components needed to prepare a patient for a kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty procedure.