Pyxis® medication technologies

Pyxis technologies combines proven technology with actionable intelligence to prevent medication errors, help free up clinician time to focus on patient care, increase the predictability of medication availability and reduce inefficiencies in the medication use process. At almost every point in the medication use process, safety and efficiency can be increased with the comprehensive capabilities of the Pyxis medication management system.

Product Spotlight

Knowledge Portal for Pyxis Medication Technologies

Knowledge Portal for Pyxis® medication technologies

Knowledge Portal integrates data across Pyxis products and enables analytics to track all medications from order to delivery.

Pyxis® Advisor

Pyxis® Advisor

Pyxis Advisor analyzes clinical data and informs nurses at the Pyxis MedStation® system when patients may be at risk for a potential adverse drug event.

Pyxis® Anesthesia ES system

Pyxis Anesthesia ES system extends automated med management to OR and procedural areas on the Pyxis ES platform, while helping increase medication safety and provide convenient access.

Pyxis® Anesthesia system 4000

The system helps secure medication in OR and procedural areas, giving anesthesia providers convenient access to medications and supplies.

Pyxis CIISafe™ system

Pyxis CIISafe® system

The Pyxis CIISafe system helps manage controlled-substance inventory and minimize errors, providing accurate and easily retrievable reporting data.

Pyxis® Connect

Pyxis® Connect

Pyxis Connect helps, in conjunction with CPOE, reduce medication errors due to transcription errors. It can be used virtually anywhere for decentralized order entry.

CUBIE® system

The CUBIE system helps nursing and pharmacy accurately deliver medications to reduce risk of medication errors, diversion and non-value activities.

Pyxis EcoStation® system

The Pyxis EcoStation automated waste management system helps identify, classify, sort and segregate pharmaceutical waste.

Pyxis® Enterprise server

The Pyxis Enterprise server provides a scalable, flexible foundation enabling you to manage Pyxis ES technologies on a single database.

Pyxis® Nurse Link

Pyxis® ES Link Queue and Waste module

Pyxis ES Link Queue and Waste module streamlines systems and devices to help remotely queue medications, document waste and improve medication safety.

Pyxis® IV system

Our Pyxis IV system helps improve the accuracy of IV compounding while minimizing waste.

Pyxis MedStation™ system

Pyxis MedStation® system

The Pyxis MedStation system is an automated dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management.

Pyxis MedStation® ES system

The Pyxis MedStation system is an automated dispensing cabinet with added safety precaution for medications often at risk of diversion.

Pyxis PARx® system

Pyxis PARx® system

The Pyxis PARx system provides closed-loop medication replenishment to identify trends, reinforce standards and reduce risk of diversion.

Pyxis PharmoCode™ barcode labeling system

The Pyxis PharmoCode barcode labeling system lets you create and print barcode labels for non-oral solid medications, such as vials and syringes.

Pyxis Pharmogistics® inventory management software

This software connects with HIT systems to help you more accurately track drugs, simplify workflow and improve productivity across the enterprise.

Pyxis PharmoPack® medication packaging and barcoding technology

Pyxis PharmoPack medication packaging and barcode labeling technology packages bulk drugs into unit dose, barcode-ready medications.

Pyxis® Remote Manager

Pyxis® Remote Manager

Pyxis Remote Manager helps reduce the risk of administering medications or implanting tissues exposed to inappropriate temperatures.

Pyxis® SMART Remote Manager

Pyxis® SMART Remote Manager

Pyxis SMART Remote Manager streamlines temperature-sensitive medication management and monitors temperature-controlled medication.


Anesthesia Check

Anesthesia Check automates anesthesia medication processes to help pharmacies and anesthesia providers overcome challenges.

Kit Check

Kit Check helps hospital pharmacies more quickly restock pharmacy kits and more accurately track medications.


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