Pyxis Pharmogistics® inventory management software

Enterprise-wide inventory management software with workflow process administrator

Ideal for enterprise-wide inventory management, Pyxis Pharmogistics® software with workflow process administrator ties directly with hospital IT systems to help hospitals more accurately track drugs, simplify workflow processes and improve productivity.

Enabling pharmacies to better manage medications
Accurate perpetual inventory and barcode verification

Pyxis Pharmogistics software delivers information allowing you to efficiently manage medications at the pharmacy, administration and corporate levels. The easy-to-use software operates automated carousel hardware for high-density medication storage and retrieval in hospital pharmacies. Pyxis Pharmogistics software improves accuracy and productivity within the pharmacy during order fulfillment and restocking processes by using barcode verification at all steps. For healthcare systems, the solution helps drive out medication waste using package-sharing and centralized distribution methods. Pyxis Pharmogistics software also offers scalability—larger institutions can manage inventory using the software combined with carousels, while smaller facilities can manage inventory via a software-only configuration for optimal space utilization.

Reporting to improve efficiency and reduce costs
Optimize medication data reporting

Pyxis Pharmogistics Inventory Management software provides visibility into key areas to help streamline inventory management practices, understand distributor replenishment cycles, replacement costs and product reconciliation, and manage expired and recalled medications. The data can then be leveraged through an at-a-glance dashboard or from the predefined reports.

Pyxsis Pharmogistics inventory management software:

  • Decreases order fulfillment time by integrating with Pyxis® automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs)
  • Utilizes barcode medication administration and verification to maintain a perpetual inventory
  • Features “pick-to-light” technology and “smart-sort” processing to increase productivity
  • Enables just-in-time reordering from multiple suppliers, reducing on-hand inventory and waste
  • Captures inventory costs, enabling sophisticated reporting
  • Builds interfaces in minutes to easily connect to HIT systems, wholesalers, 340B systems, hospital general ledgers (GLs) and ADCs via the embedded MedRexStat interface engine
  • Offers compatibility with current or newly purchased carousel storage and retrieval systems