Pyxis® Connect

Streamlining the medication order process

The Pyxis® Connect medication order management system provides a unique solution to enhance communication and efficiency between pharmacy and nursing. The system simplifies order processing and review, creating more time for pharmacists, nurses and clinicians to focus their attention where it matters most-patient care.

  • Decrease order turnaround time
  • Decentralize pharmacy operations so orders can be reviewed on the nursing floor or remote location(s)
  • Help reduce medication errors and lost orders
  • Improves communication between pharmacy and nursing
  • More time for pharmacy involvement in clinical care
  • Online storage and retrieval database to facilitate future information exchange
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for more efficient workflow management

  • Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center went from a 2.5 hour turnaround time to 16 minutes on average, with stat orders averaging 6 to 8 minutes from the time the order is scanned by nursing.1
  • Porter Adventist Hospital streamlined the central pharmacy functions and freed up clinical staff to go on rounds in the patient care areas.2
  • Help reduce medication errors related to transcription errors.
  • Porter Adventist Hospital's overall nursing satisfaction with pharmacy services exceeded 4 on a 5 point scale after implementation.2


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