Pyxis EcoStation® system

Automated pharmaceutical waste management system

Hospital pharmacies throughout the United States purchase well over 4 billion hazardous materials each year, generating more than 84,000 tons of hazardous pharmaceutical waste.1 The EPA has stepped up enforcements to ensure that pharmaceutical waste is managed safely from the moment it is generated and finally disposed.2 Pharmacists are responsible for the “cradle to grave” management of pharmaceuticals.

CareFusion offers Pyxis EcoStation® system, a proprietary, automated waste management system that helps hospitals identify, classify, sort and segregate pharmaceutical waste, while providing pharmaceutical waste records to facilitate tracking and regulatory controls of more than 180,000 National Drug Codes. Using “scan to dispose” technology, Pyxis EcoStation system links to the hospital’s pharmacy information system (PIS) and identifies pharmacy-created and manufacturer’s package barcodes, extending use to virtually all pharmacy-dispensed medications. By automating the identification and sorting of different types of residual drugs, empty containers and hospital’s unique admixtures, Pyxis EcoStation system helps to eliminate human error and potential cross contamination inherent in manual sorting of pharmaceutical waste to reduce negative impact on the environment.

  • “Scan to dispose” technology that allows instantaneous identification and disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical waste.
  • Eliminates confusion with simple, automated sorting.
  • Categorizes high-risk, black waste which is the most expensive form of waste costing as much as $2-4 per pound.3
  • Helps to avoid costly fines of up to $37,500 per day, per incident.4
  • Cost effective, returning up to 65% savings versus conventional manual methods.5


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