Pyxis MedStation® ES system

Enterprise-ready medication management

The Pyxis MedStation ES system from CareFusion is an automated medication dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Designed to address the changing landscape of healthcare, the system is the first offering built on the Pyxis® ES platform—the next generation of Pyxis solutions. The system helps clinicians dispense medications in a safe, efficient way and provides enterprise-ready integration capabilities previously not seen in other medication management systems.

Simplifying the care-giving process for nursing
Workflow centered around the patient

Patient-centric clinical workflows guide nurses to needed medication and patient information located in one place, helping save valuable time and minimize delays. New safety enhancements make it easier to help avoid potentially harmful medication errors and adverse drug events.

Enabling pharmacists to manage medications efficiently
Enhanced formulary and system management

Integration with the PIS results in one system formulary for the health system, which can be centrally managed and adjusted as needed for each hospital. Integration with the hospital’s Active Directory makes system user management simpler than ever. And with web-based system accessibility from any hospital computer or web browser, pharmacists can efficiently manage the system and access reports and key metrics.

Empowering IT with enterprise-ready technology
Improving integration and system management

Flexible deployment models support the size, scope and capacity needs of the hospital or IDN. The system is designed for increased uptime and is highly configurable for ease of system management. Common interfacing functionality enables centralized integration with the HIT, allowing hospitals and IDNs to add functionality and devices as needs arise.

  • Provides simple, safe clinical workflows centered around the patient
  • Minimizes disruptions, delays and risk of medication error
  • Offers increased security and capacity for storing larger medications
  • Leverages centralized configuration efforts across the health system
  • Allows system access from any hospital computer or web browser
  • Facilitates compliance with select regulatory requirements
  • Enables meaningful integration with HIT systems
  • Reduces IT footprint and leverages existing investments