Pyxis® Nurse Link

Centralizing clinical information

Pyxis® Nurse Link from CareFusion simplifies the complex process by centralizing clinical information—including medication orders, labs and vitals—to a single access point, while significantly improving lines of communication among the patient care team.

By connecting information across systems and devices, Pyxis Nurse Link helps improve the safety and efficiency of the medication administration process by supporting the pre-selection of medications for removal at the Pyxis MedStation® system. Workflow is further streamlined with the ability to document medication waste remotely from any PC—enabling clinicians to send accurate and timely data directly to the Pyxis MedStation system rather than return to the cabinet.

Pyxis Nurse Link enhances communication between nursing and pharmacy with an electronic communication channel, via Pyxis® Connect, that minimizes disruptive communication. When combined with patient alerts from Pyxis® Advisor, nurses are alerted if their patient is at risk for potential medication errors and infection related adverse events.

  • Quick accessibility to centralized clinical information gives nurses more time for direct patient care and greater protection against the risk of medication errors.
  • Ability to document medication waste remotely from any PC helps improve accurate and timely documentation.
  • Collaboration and communication between Nursing and Pharmacy is improved through non-disruptive communication channels.
  • With information seamlessly shared among CareFusion systems, nurses have the actionable intelligence needed on-hand to help prevent serious adverse events.
  • Provides access to Lexicomp® Online, offering multiple clinical drug reference databases and patient education leaflets in a variety of languages.