Pyxis® Nursing Data Collection

Positive patient and data identification

Pyxis® Nursing Data Collection from CareFusion facilitates timely clinical decision-making to improve the patient care process. By using Pyxis Nursing Data Collection on a handheld scanner, you can wirelessly capture, organize and review patient monitoring data from GE DINAMAP® monitors at the point of care, and instantly and securely disseminate that information to clinical decision makers.

With optional role-based review, Pyxis Nursing Data Collection lets you capture intake and output information. You can also define qualifier observations to capture contextual information in conjunction with vital sign and intake and output documentation. CareFusion alerts you to potential for "out-of-bounds" patient data and prompts the clinician to report critical values, helping to safeguard you and your patients.

  • Decrease transcription errors with real-time wireless data transfer.
  • Store all patient data within your hospital information system; no patient data stored on device.