Vmax® Encore PFT system

Implement a complete pulmonary function testing system

The Vmax® Encore system offers a suite of pulmonary function tests (PFT) in a modular design. The high-quality patient diagnostic testing capabilities serve establishments from large teaching facilities to small community hospitals, research centers, physician groups and independent labs.

Testing versatility

Testing from simple spirometry to complete PFT, IOS, provocation and body box testing can be performed.


PFT testing can be standardized throughout your hospital network using our robust SentrySuite SQL database backend.

Complete workflow solution

Automated step-by-step testing, physician interpretation and reporting with an EMR connection help reduce mistakes.

Unique testing capabilities

It surpasses spirometry alone by collecting airway resistance data and bronchodilator response with normal tidal breathing.


Our technical support personnel and local service technicians can come on-site when needed.

Body box choice

Our standard and 1,350 L wide-body box cabin improves the testing of thoracic gas volumes and airway resistance.

Data sharing

Our SentryConnect solution shares the data with your hospital information system.