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AirLife® respiratory products

Give your patients the air they need

Our extensive AirLife® portfolio of respiratory system solutions empowers physicians and clinicians to provide the highest quality of patient therapy. Whether your patients are ventilated or breathing on their own, AirLife consumables, along with a broad offering of products from our strategic partners, help address your cross-contamination concerns in today’s healthcare environment. Our respiratory system products also provide essential tools to help you drive efficiencies, maximize clinical goals and promote patient satisfaction.

Consumables: Vital Signs ABG kits

Arterial blood gas samplers

Our arterial blood gas samplers are dedicated to helping provide quality and reliable blood sampling.

Consumables: other AirLife solutions

Bronchial Hygiene

Our broad product portfolio helps deliver incentive spirometry, positive expiratory pressure (PEP), vibratory PEP for secretion clearance and positive airway pressure (PAP) therapies.

High Flow Oxygen Therapy and Noninvasive Ventilation

The Fisher & Paykel Optiflow™ system and noninvasive ventilation circuits and patient interfaces support heated, humidified high flow oxygen therapy and NPPV/NIV.

Active Humidification

We offer a comprehensive and advanced line of heated humidifiers, heated circuits and accessories. Fisher & Paykel humidifier and circuit technologies enable a maintenance-free closed system.

Passive Humidification

AirLife filtered, unfiltered and bypass heat and moisture exchangers, filters and non-heated circuits, and accessories support a wide range of patients across all sites of care.

Medication Delivery and Asthma Management

Our broad range of aerosolized medication nebulizers, metered dose inhaler chambers and inline adapters, and peak flow meters are designed to meet your facility's aerosolized medication needs.


Our resuscitation portfolio offers devices in various sizes and styles for a broad patient population, including flow-inflating and two styles of self-inflating bags.

Oxygen Therapy

AirLife oxygen therapy products offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs, from simple cannulas, to oxygen masks, to clinically differentiated solutions like the OxyMask™.

Suction Catheters and Trach Care

AirLife open and closed suction catheters, trach care kits, trach ties and irrigation solutions help suction and clean your patients' airway through a wide variety of designs and options.

Gas Delivery Devices and Monitors

Our various gas delivery devices and monitors offer a wide range of options, whether you need to measure ETCO2, measure blending gases or analyze oxygen.

Proven Partners

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    • Maxtec
    • Ohio Medical
    • Philips Respironics
    • Smiths Medical
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