High flow oxygen therapy and noninvasive ventilation

Maintain balance in your patients' airways

Humidification with high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy and noninvasive support maintains the natural balance of heat and moisture exchange in the airway. By heating and humidifying the gas flow to the level that naturally occurs in the airway, our humidifiers maximize patient tolerance to the therapy.

High Flow Oxygen and Noninvasive Circuits

High flow oxygen and noninvasive circuits

Fisher & Paykel and AirLife® circuits support Optiflow™ high flow oxygen therapy and NIV/continuous positive airway pressure systems and masks.
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Optiflow Adult

Optiflow Adult

The Optiflow high flow oxygen system integrates heated humidification and a precise blend of air and oxygen for comfortable oxygen delivery.
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Optiflow Junior

Optiflow Junior

The Optiflow Junior system has an anatomically contoured high flow nasal cannula and heated humidified flow for delivering oxygen to infants.
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Noninvasive Full Face and Nasal Masks

Noninvasive full face and nasal masks

Fisher & Paykel FreeMotion™ noninvasive ventilation vented and non-vented full face and nasal masks help maximize patient comfort and performance.
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