AirLife® oxygen therapy solutions

Provide oxygen therapy for any type of care

The AirLife® oxygen therapy portfolio helps meet nearly every oxygen therapy need across the care continuum. We offer an extensive range of AirLife nasal cannulas, oxygen masks and accessories. We also exclusively provide OxyMask from Southmedic, the only oxygen mask that delivers 24 to 90% fraction of FiO2.

O2 Cannulas

Oxygen cannulas

AirLife oxygen therapy solutions offer a variety of nasal cannulas including soft lariat, foam cover and end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2) sampling styles.
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Oxygen and Aerosol Masks

Oxygen and aerosol masks

Our wide selection of AirLife oxygen and aerosol masks come in several sizes and styles to help meet nearly all patient therapy needs.

OxyMask from Southmedic

OxyMask from Southmedic

With a patented open mask design, OxyMask is the only mask that delivers 24 to 90% oxygen while helping maximize patient comfort and communication.
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Tubing and Connectors

Tubing and connectors

The AirLife portfolio offers many styles of tubing and connectors adaptable to nearly any oxygen delivery device.

Pre-filled and Dry Bubble Humidifiers

Pre-filled and dry bubble humidifiers

AirLife pre-filled and dry humidifiers provide a cost-effective solution for sterile water inhalation.

Pre-filled and Dry Large-Volume Nebulizers

Pre-filled and dry large-volume nebulizers

Our high-performance, easy-to-use pre-filled and dry large-volume portable nebulizers offer adjustable heated and cool high-output aerosol treatment.
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