Suction catheters and trach care

Safely manage airways with efficient suctioning and quality care

The AirLife® portfolio's advanced technology connects ventilator solutions and supports versatile airway suctioning. Our portfolio includes open and closed suction catheters, trach care kits, trach ties, unit dose and sterile water solutions that promote safe, effective airway management.

Closed Suction Catheters and Verso Adapters

Closed suction catheters and Verso® adapters

The AirLife closed suction system's Verso airway adapters enable safe access to a ventilated patient's airway and help maintain continuous ventilation.
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Open Suction Catheters and Kits

Open suction catheters and kits

Our open suction catheters and kits are available in various configurations to optimally treat compromised patient airways.
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Trach Care Kits

Trach care kits

AirLife® tracheostomy care and cleaning kits help keep patient airways clear.
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Unit Dose Saline and Sterile Water Solutions

Unit dose saline and sterile water solutions

AirLife irrigation solutions and Modudose® unit dose saline feature tamper-evident containers for suction and irrigation procedures.

Trach Ties and Bite Block

Trach ties and bite block

AirLife tracheostomy tube holders securely keep the trach tube in place, minimizing its movement. They are available in various patient sizes.
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