NOX-T3 Portable Sleep Monitor

With the introduction of the NOX-T3 Portable Sleep Monitor from CareFusion, we've broken years of silence in the portable sleep diagnostics market. Before, you could only view the snoring signal. With the NOX-T3’s audio playback feature, you can also listen to it. Sleep screeners are typically worn on or near the patient; the NOX-T3's design is small, light and uses wireless technology to keep your patients comfortable. And don’t be fooled by the size. The NOX-T3 is also designed for rugged handling to help reduce testing failures.

  • Technology designed for wireless and miniaturization reduces interference and increases comfort for children and adults
  • The NOX-T3 minimizes the complexity in the set-up, allowing more staff, even new to the NOX-T3 system, to easily hook up the monitor
  • Unlike other screeners with limited software, the NOX-T3 has the functionality of full-fledged sleep software and can navigate, score, review, report and export your data
  • Built-in microphone for true recording and playback of respiratory sounds using the latest MP3 technology, true 3-D, high resolution activity and position sensor and built-in pressure channel
  • 2 flexible channels for ECG, EOC, EEG or EMG makes the NOX-T3 more acceptable for different markets


NOX T3 Portable Sleep Monitor Patient Hook Up Video
NOX T3 Portable Sleep Monitor Patient Hook Up Video - Spanish
NOX T3 patient hook up with EMG Video
NOX T3 patient hook up with EMG Video - Spanish