NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor

Maximize patient comfort and gain clinical value

The NOX-T3 is a full-featured type 3 device/type 4 size and complexity that allows up to 18 channels. It features a unique audio playback that lets you listen to the snoring signal beyond viewing it, pulse transit time/sleep time, and extended applicability to pediatric, dental, cardiologist and ENT patients.

Wireless and miniaturization technology

The technology reduces interference and increases comfort for children and adults.

Set-up simplicity

It simplifies complexity, allowing staff to easily hook up the monitor. Home hook-up is also easy.

Data navigation, scoring, review, reporting and export

Unlike screeners with limited software, the NOX-T3 monitor can navigate, score, review, report and export data.

Sound recording and playback

A built-in mic records and plays respiratory sounds using MP3 technology, a high-res sensor and a pressure channel

ECG, EOC, EEG and EMG channels

The system provides two flexible channels for ECG, EOC, EEG or EMG to support different markets.


NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor patient hook-up video
NOX-T3 portable sleep monitor patient hook-up video - Spanish
NOX-T3 patient hook-up with EMG video
NOX-T3 patient hook-up with EMG video- Spanish