CareFusion Ventilation System

Get actionable information to optimize patient care now

Clinical leadership in most hospitals has clear strategies on how to minimize ventilator days, and prevent patient harm or complications. However, significant challenges in achieving meaningful, sustainable improvements in clinical and financial outcomes in ventilator therapy are faced. CareFusion has developed a new system approach to ventilator therapy that combines its industry-leading ventilator platforms with new interoperability and analytics software to help hospitals and health systems better address these challenges.

Product Highlights

CareFusion Knowledge Portal for ventilator therapy
An analytics and reporting tool that enables hospitals to measure clinical and process variability in ventilator therapy by providing actionable information to help improve patient care. Reporting capabilities focus on ventilator weaning, lung protective strategies and alarm policy compliance. The next release will automate the surveillance of ventilator-associated conditions to help hospitals comply with the new CDC VAE surveillance and reporting requirements.

Respiratory Documentation Application
The handheld device is a positive patient identification application that automates the collection of ventilator documentation data at the point of care. After collecting this data, such as ventilator status, vital signs, breath sounds and clinical observations, the clinician signs off on the vent check and it is wirelessly transmitted to the hospital’s EMR system. By automating this process, the application enhances the accuracy and efficiency of vent check documentation compared to manual computer entry.

CareFusion Coordination Engine (CCE)
The interface engine provides a very current architecture for implementation, security and support, and satisfies most hospital and health system IT requirements. CareFusion Coordination Engine is the common platform for connecting all CareFusion device families.

Implementation services
Helps optimize your ventilation system investments.