AVEA® Ventilator with CLiO2

Automated control of your neonates SPO2 with every breath

CLiO2 is a user set feature on the AVEA® ventilator that automatically regulates oxygenation levels. The automated ventilation control technology delivers small adjustments that can make a big difference for neonatal patients. CLiO2 is not available in the United States.

Product Highlights

Automatically adjusted oxygen delivery
The CLiO2 function is a closed-loop controller designed to regulate oxygen levels for premature infants on mechanical ventilation. By automatically adjusting oxygen concentration delivery, it helps maintain a safe blood oxygen level.

Enhanced patient care
Minimizing manual adjustments, the CLiO2 closely monitors and controls oxygenation to increase time in the target SPO2 range and decrease the risk of hyperoxemia.

Operator Manuals

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