Infant Flow® SiPAP System

Help your smallest patients live the life they just started

For over two decades, the Infant Flow nCPAP System has delivered gentle respiratory support to thousands of neonates worldwide. The Infant Flow SiPAP System, combined with the patented variable flow generator, provides noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, by offering nasal CPAP, Biphasic and Biphasic tr* modalities. The Infant Flow nCPAP System takes the work out of breathing, freeing precious calories to be used for growth and development.

Product Highlights

Reliable technology
The market leader in neonatal noninvasive ventilation, the Infant Flow nCPAP system is clinically proven technology to reduce ventilator days, prevent intubations and improve oxygenation.

Increased safety and versatility
Fully integrated patient monitoring with Simple Touch operation and battery backup improves patient safety.

Enhanced treatment options
A wide scope of distinctive interface and fixation options allows for a customized fit enhancing patient comfort.

Operator Manuals

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Infant Flow LP System Overview

*BiPhasic tr is a feature of the SiPAP Comprehensive model, not available in the United States.