LTV® Series ventilators

Experience the freedom

The LTV® series ventilators empower you with the ventilation tools you need, throughout the continuum of care, for patients 5 kg and above.

The low profile design of the LTV provides portable, invasive and noninvasive ventilation, where you need it—critical care, emergency departments, emergency preparedness, patient transport, long-term care and home care.

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  • LTV 1200 ventilator

    The LTV 1200 ventilator is advance ventilation for your patient, in a small lightweight package.
  • LTV 1200 MR

    The LTV 1200 MR Conditional System, unlike other MR conditional ventilators, is a complete package designed specifically for use in the MR environment.
  • LTV 1150 ventilator

    The LTV 1150 gives your patients the freedom of portable advanced care ventilation in the home or at a post-acute care facility.
  • LTV 1100 ventilator

    The LTV 1100 ventilator offers both invasive and noninvasive modes of ventilation in pressure support, volume control and spontaneous breath types.
  • LTV 1000 ventilator

    The LTV 1000 ventilator has a footprint that's a fraction of the size of comparably equipped ventilators, giving your staff and your patients a conveniently portable advanced ventilation system.


  • LTV 1200, 1150 Patient Circuits

    LTV 1200/1150 Patient Circuits from CareFusion are Peepless circuits for the LTV 1150 and 1200 ventilators.
  • LTV 1000, 950, 900 Patient Circuits

    LTV 1000, 950 and 900 Patient Circuits are PEEP circuits for the LTV 1000, 950 and 900 ventilators. Choose from single patient use, re-usable, heated wire, adult, pediatric and more.


  • LTM II Graphics Monitor

    The LTM Graphics Monitor is a slender color monitor for the LTV Series ventilators.
  • LTV Series Parts

    The LTV Series quality Parts and Accessories from CareFusion enhance patient comfort and care.
  • SprintPack

    The SprintPack Battery System from CareFusion gives you big capability in a small package.