Pyxis SupplyStation® system

Secure inventory management

The Pyxis SupplyStation® system from CareFusion provides easy access to needed supplies on nursing floors and throughout your healthcare facility. This secure storage device provides your staff with the ability to document supply usage, in real-time, reducing documentation error and improving clinician workflow. Accurate reporting helps standardize product choices, reduce stock-outs and maximize charge capture.

Additional system configurations include the Pyxis SupplyStation EC extra-capacity system and Pyxis SupplyStation half-height unit. The extra-capacity system is ideal for a larger number of low velocity items that require a high level of security. The half-height unit allows items to be stored securely at the point-of-care where workspace is highly constrained. For caregivers on-the-go, we offer the Pyxis SupplyRoller® system for mobile supply automation.

  • Offers a flexible platform with a blend of secure and open inventory management.
  • Combines a network of secure storage stations located throughout your facility that are managed by the Pyxis SupplyStation console.
  • Interfaces with a hospital's ADT and patient billing software for automatic and accurate charge capture.
  • Helps ensure visibility to supply chain performance by increasing data accuracy and providing optional analytic tools, such as the Knowledge Portal for Pyxis Supply Technologies.