Reposable Laparoscopic Scissors

Use laparoscopic scissors that make the cut

Snowden-Pencer reposable scissors provide fresh, sharp scissors for each surgery to help optimize cutting performance. CareFusion offers three options for reposable scissors with reusable handles and disposable blades.


Ergonomic reposable take-apart scissors

New Snowden-Pencer® reposable take-apart scissors provide fresh, sharp scissors and a new insulated shaft for each surgery. These features help optimize cutting performance, support sterility and advance product safety. Plus, these scissors feature easy, two-step assembly and disassembly and are compatible with our full line of ergonomic take apart instruments.


Ergonomic reposable scissors

These scissors provide a fresh, sharp, click-fit scissors tip and a reusable, ergonomic handle for optimal cutting performance.


Traditional handle reposable scissors

Traditional, reusable handles with disposable tips provide a fresh, sharp blade for each use.