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Bringing in a new era in healthcare

In 1897, Maxwell Becton and Fairleigh Dickinson founded Becton, Dickinson and Company with a vision to improve outcomes for patients. For the century that followed, the company held true to that vision. BD diversified into diagnostics, biosciences and a wide range of medical devices. But something was missing.

Enter CareFusion in 2015. The complementary nature of BD and CareFusion capabilities makes the new, combined company more relevant than ever before. This relevance comes from not just the solutions we offer, but also from the many locations we offer them in. With our global reach, the combined company can provide solutions around the world. And that is just what we are doing.

The combination also brings together the people in each company. People with a deep passion for helping our customers, because we know that we are ultimately helping patients. And it gives us even more opportunities to help people. BD is the place for our associates to pursue our life's purpose through our life's work.

Additionally, we are bringing in the "new." New ideas for products. New solutions for customers. New ways to help patients be healthy and safe. In other words, a new era in healthcare.

As our next 100 years have officially begun, we will be deliberate in how we combine our portfolios and solutions. Big changes cannot happen overnight, and ours will be an evolution, not a revolution. We pledge to move as quickly as we can, with a goal to minimize disruption for customers during this integration.

BD is excited about what our future holds, and we are glad that you will join us on this journey. We look forward to Advancing the World of Health with you.

Our vision

We envision a world where our solutions for enterprise IT, surveillance and analytics facilitate decisions, where infection prevention reduces infections, where medication management improves medication safety, where procedural solutions optimize workflow and where respiratory care enhances lung support.

To make this world of difference, we leverage who we are as people and what we do as professionals to provide products when and where our customers need them.

Clinical excellence

Clinical excellence at BD serves the healthcare industry as an independent resource that develops and distributes helpful information and insights.

Clinical excellence


We appear at various events to communicate our brand of promise, hope and optimism for advancing the world of health, while sustaining presence among the competition. They give us a unique opportunity to make a strong and lasting impression while launching new product innovations, demoing products, providing education and sharing success stories.


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