ChloraPrep™ Sepp™ 0.67 mL applicator

Simplify preoperative skin preparation

The ChloraPrep™ Sepp™ .67 mL applicator can be used for preoperative and pre-injection skin preparation.

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260449 ChloraPrep Sepp 0.67 mL applicator
ChloraPrep Sepp 0.67 mL applicator
PackagingShelf lifeCoverage areaManufacturing
  • 200 sterile applicators per carton
  • 10 cartons per case
Three years Approximately 2.5" x 2.5" Latex- and DEHP-free

ChloraPrep Sepp applicator in-service video

Learn how to properly use our ChloraPrep Sepp 0.67 mL applicator.

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