Chemo Safety System

Protect clinicians and patients from exposure to hazardous drugs with a closed system transfer device

Chemo Safety System is an end-to-end CSTD that seamlessly integrates drug preparation and delivery. Featuring the microbiologically and mechanically closed SmartSite™ VialShield closed vial access device, it prohibits the escape of hazardous drugs and maintains vial sterility for up to seven days.

How it works

This system helps you safely deliver the most critical drugs. It can be used with Alaris™ infusion pump sets featuring SmartSite needle-free technology.

Drug reconstitution

The bonded Texium™ syringe and SmartSite VialShield prevent drug exposure during reconstitution.

Drug preparation

The bonded Texium syringe and integrated SmartSite drug transfer port let you safely transfer drugs into IV bags.

Drug transport

The Texium closed male luer automatically locks and remains closed until connected to a SmartSite needle-free valve.

IV administration

The Texium closed male luer and SmartSite needle-free valve form a leak-free, drip-free connection.


The Texium closed male luer automatically closes at disconnect for safe syringe and IV set disposal.

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