Pyxis™ ES Link Queue and Waste module

Link nursing efficiency and medication safety

Pyxis™ ES Link Queue and Waste module, supported by the Pyxis ES platform, is trusted by nurses for its ability to remotely queue medications and document waste. By streamlining information across systems and devices, this Pyxis ES Link module helps increase the efficiency and safety of medication dispensing. 

Medication queuing from anywhere

The web-accessible solution enables nurses to plan safe medication dispensing from patient rooms or any location.

Improved operational efficiency

The module allows nurses to easily access key clinical information and streamline the medication dispensing process.

Remote waste documentation

Users can document and witness all waste activities from any PC, without returning to the Pyxis MedStation™ ES system.

Enhanced productivity

Nurses can complete clinical planning for their patients' medication needs while conducting patient assessments.

Increased safety

By connecting information across systems and devices, the module helps reduce medication errors and increase medication safety.

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