LTV® 1150 ventilator

Provide your adult and pediatric patients pressure control and pressure support without a high pressure oxygen source

The LTV® 1150 ventilator provides portable, advanced ventilation for adult and pediatric patients at home or a post-acute care facility. At only 14 lb, the ventilator provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including volume control, pressure control, pressure support and spontaneous breath types.

Extended features

Internal PEEP and integrated SBT on the ventilator helps assess and wean long-term ventilation patients, and can assist with a smooth transition home.

Easy transition and operation

The ventilator enables patients to almost seamlessly transfer from an LTV Series 1200 ventilator to home and travel without requiring changes to patient care.

Enhanced patient comfort and care

The sophisticated LTV ventilator flow trigger combined with internal PEEP compensation enhances comfort and care for patients.


Unlike many other portable ventilators on the market today, the LTV 1150 ventilator offers highly customizable settings to support patient success as respiratory conditions stabilize or accelerate.

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