VIAsprint™ 150P and Ergoselect 600 Recumbent Ergometer

Choose a microprocessor controlled eddy current brake ergometer

The VIAsprint™ bicycle ergometer operates undisrupted with seating at any height. The dual adjusting handlebar option sets the upper-body position and leg-to-foot pedal angle.

Cart adaptability

The VIAsprint bicycle ergometer connects to all of our metabolic carts.

Standalone operation

The bike can function as a stand-alone device.

Operational flexibility

The bike uses speed-independent load from 6 to 999 W, and the saddle height adjusts from 120 to 210 cm.

Automated functionality

The bicycle ergometer offers five predefined stress test programs, 10 user-defined programs and manual load adjustment.

LCD display support

The bike features LCD displays of load and RPM on the test subject's view.

Advanced bike options

The bike has options for racing saddle, triathalon handlebar, anti-tipping device and adjustable pedal cranks.

VIAsprint 150P/200P bicycle
Model: VIAsprint 150P, VIAsprint 200P
Operating mode: Continuous operation
Power: 100–240 V/50–60 Hz (60 VA max.)
Fuses: 2 x 1.25 time lag
Specification power cord U.S.: SJT 3xAWG16 125 V/10 A hospital or hospital grade
Specification internal backup battery: IEC: CR 2032/3 V 230 mAh
Braking principle: Computer-controlled eddy current brake with torque measurement; speed independent to DIN VDE 0750-0238
Load range: 6–999 W, speed independent
Speed range: 30–130 RPM
Load increments: User programmable
Permitted patient weight: 352 lb (160 kg)
Saddle height: Continuous, for patients between 120 cm and 210 cm. VIAsprint 150P: manual adjustment of saddle height, VIAsprint 200P: electrical adjustment of saddle height with digital readout.
Handlebar: For patient heights between 120 cm and 210 cm, continuous handlebar adjustment over 360 degrees. Height-adjustable steering column.
Crank length: 6.69" (170 mm)
L x W x H: 35.43" x 18" x 35.43–53.15" (900 mm x 460 mm x 900–1,350 mm)
Width of handlebar: Approx. 22.6" (575 mm)
VIAsprint 150P: Approx. 141 lb (64 kg)
VIAsprint 200P: Approx. 150 lb (68 kg)

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