Vmax® Autobox V62J and V62W system

Conduct whole-body plethysmography

The Vmax® Autobox combines pressure-compensated flow technology and spacious cabin design. These features help increase plethysmography testing capabilities, de-stress the patient environment and speed test completion time.

Automated correction

The mass flow sensor eliminates spurious electrical resistance artifact and corrects changing environmental conditions.

Improved data display

With panting and quiet-breathing Vtg and Raw measurements, the software displays individual and composite tracings.

Larger-subject accommodation

The V62W system is a 1350 L cabin that helps test larger and wheelchaired subjects.

Improved patient effort determination

The system calculates the compression volume with the traditional flow-volume loop, extending patient effort indications.

Cost savings

Technologies such as cardiopulmonary exercise testing can be added, saving the cost of a second system.

Isothermal capability

The optional Isothermal Lung Volume is a tool that produces Vtg using an isothermal vessel for a higher-level QA.

Adult with child accommodation

The standard V62J cabin comfortably accommodates adults with or without a small child.

External testing

The rotating arm allows testing outside the cabin as well.

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Vmax® Autobox system operator training

Receive extensive instructor interaction on and hands-on experience with our Vmax Autobox system.

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