MicroGard® filter

Conduct PFT using a disposable barrier filter

The MicroGard® pulmonary function testing (PFT) filter acts as a barrier to viral and bacterial cross-contamination.

U.S. kit options

II B kit – Oval filter with nose clip
II C kit – Round filter with nose clip and rubber mouthpiece
II C filter – Round filter

Less resistance

The MicroGard II filter is well balanced between optimized filtration efficiency and minimal resistance (Delta P) to airflow.

Competitive pricing

MicroGard filter options are competitively priced.

Optimum performance

The MicroGard II filter has gone through full verification and validation with Vmax®, Jaeger® and Micro Medical equipment.

Microorganism resistance

The filter material consists of polymer fibers that do not promote the growth of mold, mildew, other fungi or bacteria.


The PFT filter material resists degradation over time and withstands extreme temperature and humidity.

MicroGard filter
Mouthpiece shape: Oval, Round
Dead space: 55 mL
Resistance at 1 L/s
Inspiratory: < 0.04 kPa/LPS at 1 L/sec (<0.4 cmH20/L/sec at 1 L/sec)
Expiratory: < 0.04 kPa/LPS at 1 L/sec (<0.4 cmH20/L/sec at 1 L/sec)
Filtering efficiency
VFE (at 30 LPM): > 99.999%
BFE (at 30 LPM): > 99.999%
U.S. and international

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